We strive to create value for all stakeholders through the execution of BC Lynd Hospitality’s  mission to achieve “Operational Excellence”. By constantly upholding our core values, we remain committed to our profession, our associates, our guests, our investors/owners, our communities, and the brands we represent.


As an organization made up of outstanding associates, who we consider to be our most valuable assets, we are in the “People Business”. It takes a variety of people to deliver extraordinary service for our guests. All our stakeholders are people and should be treated with great care and respect.


BC Lynd Hospitality has plans for significant growth over the next decade. The only way we will be able to accomplish this is through our ability to consistently deliver results for all our stakeholders. BC Lynd is a company comprised of problem solvers, not problems. We are individually and collectively accountable not only for our effort but also the outcomes we achieve.


We never put our reputations or that of any of our stakeholders at risk. To that end, earning (and keeping) the trust of others is critically important, and integrity is our biggest ally. We will do what is right even when no one is looking and even if the choices we make are not popular. Integrity is not just a word. It is a value that defines, and will always define, our company for decades to come.


Success is never obtained without dedication. The willingness to commit to our systems, processes, and our goals over an extended time takes character.


We will conduct ourselves and our business in a manner in which each member of the BC Lynd Hospitality team is personally and collectively accountable to deliver “Operational Excellence”. Excellence is in the details.