For decades, the St. Anthony Hotel was a revered destination in downtown San Antonio. The three cattlemen who built the hotel in 1909 felt the luxury hotel would help make the city a destination spot for wealthy people to visit. Their dream became a reality as the building at 300 East Travis Street was the place to be seen, whether for a wedding, a grand gala or a special Sunday brunch.

But in recent years, the hotel lost its grandeur. Financial instability and mismanagement by an absentee owner led to the hotel being delinquent on its loans. The future looked bleak for the property once considered to be among the most modern hotels in the world.

The troubled waters subsided when BC Lynd Hospitality stepped in. The hotel management and investment company headquartered in San Antonio jumped at the opportunity to acquire the property and bring it back to its heyday reputation, and in April 2012, became the new owners of the St. Anthony Hotel.

“I grew up here and always had a special appreciation for the hotel,” said Brandon S. Raney, BC Lynd chief executive officer.

He and Clyde J.B. Johnson IV, BC Lynd’s founding principals, took their charge seriously. More–>



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